„We can’t change the wind but we can adjust our sails“

Aristotle 350 B.C.

five continents. one solution.



ARISTOTELES – Our cloud-based IoT-Platform was developed by Kaiserwetter with the goal of speeding up investments into renewable energies on a global scale in order to swiftly and efficiently counteract climate change. We rely on Smart Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning to maximize returns, minimize investment risks and achieve maximum transparency standards for our clients that include investors, lending banks, supranational organizations and utilities.

together for a brighter tomorrow


Ever since the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015 where almost the entire world agreed on a common goal – that is, fighting climate change – we have been trying to find a solution that would allow us to contribute to the goal of limiting the global temperature increase to a maximum of 2.0 degrees Celsius. This goal can only be reached by expanding the use of renewable energies. However, according to information by the World Bank, roughly 1.5 trillion euro would have to be invested in renewable energies on a global scale. To make these huge investments possible, we need energy production based on market economy (grid parity) as well as capital consisting of equity and debt capital. This capital must be invested in renewable energies to a much larger extent than ever before. However, large investments in renewable energies won’t be made globally unless investment risks have been minimized and returns have been maximized. In addition, we need to reach the highest possible standards of transparency, especially when it comes to investing in emerging economies. In order to meet these last three prerequisites for investments, we have developed ɅRISTOTELES, our ground-breaking Internet of Things platform that relies on Smart Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning.

SAP is a powerful technology partner turning to one of the biggest player in the area of digitalization

SAP is on the leading edge of Internet of Things  based solutions


100% scalable by using SAP data management services complying with highest security standards around the globe

Speeding up in developing further ARISTOTELES features using SAP Leonardo as innovation platform (Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence)

Key Advantages of partnering with SAP


Kaiserwetter is official worldwide OEM partner of SAP enabling us to grant most innovative services to our clients

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